Network Floor -NWF raised floor

Network Floor – Smart solution recognized by the Construction Association and certified Green, is the optimal solution, suitable for:

  • Office area, meeting room
  • Central data room, Server room

Limiting the overall height of the building, but still ensure the ability to go many cables, easily expand more cables or sockets if you need to change the layout. Absolutely reusable, long life and above all save a lot of costs for long-term use.

Dịch Vụ

Mai Gia là đơn vị đại diện phân phối chính thức của các thương hiệu nước ngoài tại thị trường Việt Nam với các dịch vụ:

Đến với Mai Gia là đến với niềm tin và chất lượng

Despite being a young unit, Mai Gia Furniture Co., Ltd. is gradually approaching to understand what partners and customers need, propose solutions that suit the needs of each project and bring real efficiency. in the long run.

Mai Gia is gradually asserting its capacity and reputation in the interior market in Vietnam. With a team of experienced, passionate and dedicated employees to bring the best product lines to consumers.


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